Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lesley Haas, Clover Market, Designs...

I fell in love with Lesley Haas' work today at the Clover Market. So lovely to meet someone who loves paper and collage as much as I! I also thoroughly enjoyed my free Reiki session at Live Well Holistic Health Center. Lots of the brochures and business cards I designed for them were handed out today. Super exciting! And they will still be carrying my earrings so that's where they're at now instead of my Etsy. Definitely check it out if you're in the Ardmore area - both the health center, which is in an amazing building itself, and the market which will be going on twice a month. I'm considering setting up shop there one of these times as well. If not, I'm definitely renting a table at Jake's Flea Market! I'll keep you posted on when that's happening of course! If you are interested in my earrings and can't make it to Ardmore, contact me anytime and I will hook it up for you since they are not currently on Etsy. HEY and if you're not a fan of Curious Designs on facebook - you should probably get on that NOW!

Above are the brochure and poster I designed for Live Well and a couple of the earrings that are on sale in their office. All the earrings are one of a kind. Also contact me any time for custom earrings or design work of course! Also keep a lookout for new art coming soon on Etsy!

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